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Low:  $0.00
Volume:  00.0000

Bitcoin Market Data
BTC Circulating:  12,662,825
Difficulty:  6978842650
Daily BTC Volume:  551,572.6
Market Cap:  $6,369,400,975.00

Other Data
Mt. Gox (Bitcoin):  USD [$133.35] High $133.35 Low $133.35
BTC-e (Bitcoin):  493.775
BTC-e (Litecoin):  12.68  

BTC/US Dollar

Bitcoin vs US Dollar

Bitcoins have been increasing in value logarithmically for almost 4 years!

Bitcoins are a proven system of value. It is impossible to counterfeit. The network is growing virally and the coins are being used in every nation on the planet.

In case you haven't figured it out yet, bitcoin is taking over. The system is nearly impenetrable to manipulation, even by powerful governments. The bitcoin processing network now dwarfs all other supercomputing power on earth by several orders of magnitude combined.

The smartest people in the world are investing in this. Don't be the last one to figure it out.

But if you are still old fashioned and want to stick to the US dollar, read on...

What has the US Dollar been doing?

Let's start talking in Alitins...

Ok all you bitcoin's time!

We all knew that we were going to need to adjust the bitcoin decimal point eventually. We are seeing tremendous growth in the bitcoin network and usage. The value of bitcoin is skyrocketing and we need to adjust the way we speak when talking about bitcoin fractionals. On this system, we have moved the decimal 6 places to the right so instead of thinking in terms of fractions, we can speak in more familiar whole numbers like so...

1.23456789 BTC


1,234,567.89 μBTC (or alitins)

Of course, you are still using bitcoins in your transactions just like you always have, but now you have a tool that makes it easier to refer to them.

So instead of saying... "I am going to give you 0.005643 bitcoin",

you can make it easier and say... "I am giving you 5,643 micro-bitcoins (or alitins)!"

Signing up for an account will allow you to hold your coins in an encrypted wallet for safe keeping. Our system can also be used to bypass the transaction fees associated with sending bitcoins.

So instead of trusting an organization on the other side of the world to manage your bitcoin wallet and exchange transactions, consider relying on an organization in your own back yard that is fully compliant with the laws of your land! Rest assured we are managing your valued asset in a way you can depend on. We are here for the long haul.

Why the name "Alitin"?

Back in 1582, an Italian economist by the name of Gasparo Scaruffi proposed a standardized currency called the "Alitinonfo" meaning "True Light". He was an expert in the practical difficulties arising from having a plurality of minted coins in his day. He wanted to see the creation of a universal currency so that the inefficiencies of multiple currencies could eventually be erased. It sounds simple, but at the time this was a very revolutionary idea!

In honor of his great proposal, we have shortened the name to Alitin. As you may already know, one Satoshi is widely considered to be the smallest increment of bitcoin possible (0.00000001 BTC), so on our system, and in tribute to Gasparo, we decided to adopt an alternate name for micro-bitcoins (.000001 BTC), calling them alitins.

Trade bitcoin with
confidence and security.

About Us...

We are a well capitalized bitcoin investment organization and we are building this exchange from the ground up in order to continue to provide secure access to bitcoins. We are fully compliant with the law and will be expanding our services over time. We realize that trust is earned and we know how to work for it.

We are a licensed money transmitter in the heartland of the United States. We are opening Alitin Exchange as a compliment to our other business interests in the bitcoin world. Alitin Exchange will allow trading between US currency and crypto-currencies like bitcoin.

We anticipate adding litecoin trading very soon as well. The system is new and constantly developing. We also operate a subsidiary which makes high end physical bitcoins. We are entering the bitcoin ATM world soon as well.

The bitcoin revolution has begun! Join the many thousands of users who understand the power and value of crypto-currency.

Which government currency do you trust?

Buy Bitcoin.

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